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Available from 30th November to 22nd December.
Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm,
Sat & Sun 10am to 4pm.

We just love Christmas and although a lot of our trees are sold wholesale our beautiful retail site is one of our favourite parts of the business. The floodlit ruins within the Priory grounds is the perfect place to start your family Christmas. We have a large selection of amazingly fresh trees from your non-drop Nordmann and Fraser Firs to the more traditional fragrant Norway Spruce and even some potted trees as well.

The warm and cosy shop is in the oldest part of the house and is full of beautiful decorations and gifts, a range of stands and plenty of Christmas Tree lights. Delivery is free within 5 miles and we can provide prices for further afield. Alternatively trust us to make it simple for you and we will choose and deliver a tree according to your specifications.

Oliver Cromwell is buried at the Priory so this year why not ‘cock a snook’ at him and buy a tree from the house of the man who tried to cancel Christmas!

Our Trees

Our Trees

Formed by two old school friends with a passion for the countryside, Christmas and a love of forestry. The Christmas Tree business from the beginning had one very simple ethos: To sustainably provide our customers, whether they are retail or wholesale, with the freshest and best quality Christmas Trees that we can.

Over the years, tastes and the markets have changed but the ethos still remains the same. We are proud of our Christmas Trees and through the hard work and skill of our professional team offer a friendly yet efficient service to all our customers. So whether you are buying the perfect family tree from within the floodlit ruins of the Priory itself or wanting a thousand trees for your own retail site we will ensure that your needs are met and exceeded.

We can supply graded, netted and palletised trees throughout the UK from specific sizes and grades through to mixed ‘field selection’ pallets. For smaller orders under 100 you can arrange to collect them from the farm. The trees can be labelled with your own labels and will be colour coded for ease of recognition. For more information on wholesale orders please visit